Manifiesto El Sótano.doc, television - documentary production company

We work for companies that believe in the spectators, their intelligence and their right to know to decide. Our medium is television, a box to raise awareness and not silenced, and new media platforms. We believe in a responsible documentaries to persevere the utopia of a fairer world built by all.

el sótano.doc is an audiovisual production company born of the ancient craft of storytelling. Our documentaries are built to look to other worlds and provoke actions in the spectator. We practice journalism committed to social responsibility to count and not remain silent. We are faithful messengers to the word of who speaks for it to be heard. Professionals who face the challenge of spreading with passion the reality in any communication platform.

We seek new ways to explore audiovisual language and we start from the creative freedom to express ourselves. We work with the ambition to grow with each project and trust in the power of new technologies for a television committed to the XXI century.

With this commitment el sótano.doc, a television production company, was founded.

Signed: Miryam Pedrero

El Sótano.doc, productora de televisión basada en la responsabilidad social empresarial

Children of deception is a documentary film about the theft of babies in Spain. A documentary about the search for identity and the victims struggle for Justice and Truth.

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